Paul the Octopus

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Near the end of World Cup 2010, Paul the Octopus became quite a sensation. In Youtube videos compiled at Tinkrbox, a social video/website bookmarking site, Paul the Octopus has the capacity to predict the nation that is going to win the match when you eat the morsel of food in a very container which bears the country's flag. And ironically, the football world believes what this octopus eats. The Octopus has been predicting matches since Euro 2008. So far, it's correctly predicted 9 matches from 10. The only match it predicted wrongly was Euro 2008 finals.

Naturally, the prediction of your mere octopus would anger the losing country. In a video compiled at Tinkrbox, Paul the Octopus was threatened by Germany for predicting its lost. Fry the Octopus, they get more info said. After German's team defeat, German newspaper and websites were full of suggestions of the items regarding Paul. Most involved cooking and eating him. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguezz Zapatero joked which he sends Paul a team of bodyguards. Naturally, memes just for this event started appearing, where videos like Hitler Plans to Kill Paul, Paul Predicts Germany losing the Second World War appearing all over the Internet.

According to a Reuter article compiled at Tinkrbox, Paul was created in England and continues to be five for five with the World Cup. Media attention over Paul's picks in Germany and abroad has grown with each pick and some commentators have even wondered aloud whether his uncanny run could even be through an affect on superstitious players.

Now, the world is watching, would Paul have the ability to correctly predict who'll win in the World Cup finals?

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